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about us

ideabode is a Brisbane-based studio, specialising in

new homes and home renovations. Abode (meaning

home),is a place where one belongs and can connect

with family, friends and the surrounding environment

on all sensory levels. Creating spaces that stimulate

all five senses supports cognitive and emotional well-

being and is an essential aspect of our practice.


Architecture is a considered crafting of our surrounding environment in response to human needs and interactions. As part of our expertise, ideabode designs enhanced environments incorporating the principles of universal design embedded within the Livable Housing Australia Guidelines creating spaces to meet the needs of users across a range of ages and abilities.

ideabode is committed to practical and innovative design solutions that support sustainable communities and environments. To this end ideabode is a signatory to the  Architects Declaration working toward carbon neutrality by 2030.


Building smarter not bigger is at the core of our carbon neutral philosophy.

We focus on regenerative design before new design and plan using passive design principles renewable systems and Green Tag certified materials.

ideabode is a small projects division of idearchitecture 

...building smarter not bigger
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